Why Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork?

The acceptance and popularity of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork continues to grow as our profession is finding itself upon a firmer scientific basis as the result of burgeoning academic research supporting the effectiveness of bodywork in the treatment of pain and relieving tension from stress. Harvard University Health Services used research to convince administrators at the university to add clinical massage therapy to their health practice. Just a few of the examples of pertinent research utilizing a combination of clinical observation, empirical testing and thoughtful trial and error include:
Treating Migraines, source: Annals of Behavioral Medicine and International Journal of Neuroscience
Relieving Back Pain, source: Annals of Internal Medicine
Lower Blood Pressure, source: Biological Research for Nursing
Ease Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel, source: Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine
Physiological Adjustments to Stress, source: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Massage Therapy Consumer Trends: In its 11th annual survey of American consumers, The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), found that more people get massage therapy for medical purposes than for relaxation, with baby boomers leading the way. The goal of a better quality of life and overall wellness drove 24% of adult Americans to receive a massage in the past 12 months, with more than 34% receiving a massage in the past five years.
It’s no surprise that people are turning to massage therapy to improve their wellness. It’s a proven way to manage pain, recover from injury, and improve one’s quality of life, often reducing the need for medications and invasive treatments. AMTA President Dr. Leena S. Guptha
Maintaining their general health and wellness was a major reason many turned to massage therapy. Of those surveyed, 87% agreed with the statement that massage can be effective in reducing pain: 85% agreed that massage could be beneficial to health and wellness, and 59% would like to see their insurance plans cover therapeutic massage & Bodywork.
Guptha also said, Health care providers and consumers are finding out what professional massage therapists have always understood—that massage is not only relaxing, but also an important tool for pain management and overall wellness.

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Ken Youngberg, Ken Youngberg Therapeutic Bodyworks, is a nationally certified therapeutic bodyworker offering a variety of clinical treatment modalities combining body/mind systems designed to relieve and eliminate acute and chronic soft tissue pain and tension from stress. His conservative approach effectively resolves dysfunctional patterns, and restores postural balance, resulting in a positive outcome for his clients--pain free status as quickly as possible.

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