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Do you know why some of us are unable to get rid of our chronic pain? Our conditioned negative thinking and identification with the pain doesn’t allow us to believe it’s possible to change–to become symptom free; it becomes part of who we are. Unfortunately, unless we change our thinking and start believing we can live pain-free, nothing changes.   kytbincc. com 3-7-06 Revise 118

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Stretching Plantar Fascia

Getting Rid of Body Tension:
Unfortunately, many of us create our own unwanted body tension  by supporting our chronic pain, thinking we can accomplish more in a single day than is possible. We set ourselves up for disappointment by having these unreasonable expectations.kytbincc. com 3-7-06 Revise 125

Focusing only on a physical solution is usually not always enough to eliminate the pain and accompanying body dysfunction. We also need to take the time to address the cause of the tension—slow down and become still, clear our minds of thought to become present, and yield to the flow of life rather than resist it. I know,  it’s easier said than done.

Energy Flow and Change:
Whenever we experience a traumatic event or difficulty requiring change, such as death of a loved one, a major health challenge, separation, divorce, or unemployment, it’s normal for us to be overtaken with fearful negativity that affects our energy flow.     IMG_0042

It’s difficult to surrender promptly to the reality of a bad situation. In addition to feeling powerless and unable to move forward, our bodies become hard and rigid, form resistance and tension from the stress, and our life energy flow is greatly reduced.

I experienced it firsthand fifteen years ago when my oldest son became a paraplegic as a result of a spinal cord injury. It was difficult and painful for me to accept the reality of his major life changing event. After the accident I couldn’t sleep through the night. My mind was swamped with fearful negative thoughts, reliving the accident over and over again, and worrying about how it would affect him and his family’s future.

Three weeks after his accident, I attended one of my final Zero Balancing (ZB) classes before certification. After receiving a ZB session that first day of our weekend training, I was amazed by the dramatic results of my energy being reorganized. I began sleeping soundly again through the whole night, and my fearful negative thoughts diminished significantly.

Eckert Tolle, in his book, The Power of Now, says, bodywork and certain forms of physical therapy can be helpful in restoring this flow [energy], but unless you practice surrender in your everyday life, those things can only give temporary symptom relief since the cause—the resistance pattern—has not been dissolved.

After working with chronic pain clients for over seventeen years, I know it usually takes more than treating the physical pain and dysfunction to become completely symptom free. It starts with a major change in our thinking—getting rid of identifying ourselves with the pain, and believing that we can get rid of our pain and live an active symptom-free life again.

Thanks again for allowing me to continue to practice my craft and passion—relieving pain and discomfort of body, mind, and spirit. Helping my clients become symptom free as quickly as possible has been my mission statement since starting my practice. I am grateful for all my clients who have referred their families and friends to me, and who have continued trusting and supporting me.



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Ken Youngberg, Ken Youngberg Therapeutic Bodyworks, is a nationally certified therapeutic bodyworker offering a variety of clinical treatment modalities combining body/mind systems designed to relieve and eliminate acute and chronic soft tissue pain and tension from stress. His conservative approach effectively resolves dysfunctional patterns, and restores postural balance, resulting in a positive outcome for his clients--pain free status as quickly as possible.

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