The Quick Release Technique

The Quick Release Technique (QRT), developed by Don McCann, founder of Structural Energetic Therapy, is an effective bodyworking system that initiates relaxation, releases restrictions and blockages by reestablishing normal energy flow throughout the head, neck and shoulders. Depending on the client’s condition and his or her reaction to the mobilization of blocked energy, The QRT session which normally takes about ten minutes, can develop into a full-length powerful healing session.
A series of 5-7 acupressure points are stimulated in a sequence of logical energy flow through the meridians of the head, neck, and shoulder, based on the theories found in acupressure, facilitating the re-opening of the pathways and flow of energy.

C1 - C2 Mobilization
It’s a great technique for reducing anxiety and tension, settling down a client who has just driven through rush hour traffic to get to their appointment, and also for introducing new clients to the relaxing benefits of therapeutic bodywork.

Healthy Eating Tip
Most of us have probably at one time or other used prune juice for its high-fiber based laxative effect. However, the deep purple elixir is a virtual cocktail of beneficial nutrients and vitamins according to many health experts. The juice distilled from dried plums is high in antioxidants called phenols, believed to be beneficial to body tissue. Studies suggest they are helpful in blocking oxygen-based free radicals from damaging the body’s fats.   P1040433

Because skin cell and brain cell membranes are composed mostly of fats, drinking prune juice may help protect against cell damage to these vital areas.

Another feature I like about prune juice is its 1% sodium to 15% potassium ratio, which is good for anyone trying to maintain healthy blood pressure.

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Ken Youngberg, Ken Youngberg Therapeutic Bodyworks, is a nationally certified therapeutic bodyworker offering a variety of clinical treatment modalities combining body/mind systems designed to relieve and eliminate acute and chronic soft tissue pain and tension from stress. His conservative approach effectively resolves dysfunctional patterns, and restores postural balance, resulting in a positive outcome for his clients--pain free status as quickly as possible.

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