Maintaining Pain-Free Status

After completing a bodywork session with a client, I assign a brief home self-care protocol based on their specific needs, usually a few specific stretches and exercises to support their new relaxed muscle length, and to maintain their pain-free and improved range of motion. I also suggest to most of my clients, that scheduling regular therapeutic massage sessions would be beneficial.

Warming Up Moves

Beyond that, in some cases, a new healthier lifestyle is necessary, which may include working out regularly with a good personal trainer who is experienced in body structure, kinesiology, and understands how muscle imbalance affects our active lifestyles.

Senior Balance

Those who are serious about taking responsibility for maintaining their new pain-free status, start a daily 5-10 minute stretch and movement routine in addition to their regular workouts, usually in the morning, for maintaining muscle balance and flexibility, and they do it every day wherever they are, without exception. The routine is tailored to their specific needs and addresses the muscles that need balancing, in addition to general movement of joints and soft tissue that are most vulnerable to tension during the day.

Abs Workout

You can also start taking advantage of many exercise opportunities in your everyday life with simple changes likes climbing stairs instead of using the elevator, parking your car in the grocery store lot at a nice walking distance, and washing your car instead of driving it through the car wash—only a few examples of how you can incorporate exercise into your daily life.

The benefits of therapeutic massage and bodywork are cumulative through repeated visits. Receiving regularly scheduled massage & bodywork sessions can play a large part in maintaining your wellness and staying fit. Budgeting time and money for bodywork at consistent intervals is truly an investment in your health.


Bottom line: We need to take responsibility for our wellness.

Healthy Eating Tip: The Correct Way to Eat Fruit – Dr. Stephen Mak treats terminal ill cancer patients with natural healing. One of his strategies is teaching how to eat fruits correctly. He maintains that fruits should only be eaten on an empty stomach, and should not be eaten after meals. Dr. Mak claims that as soon as the fruit comes in contact with food and digestive juices in our stomach, it ferments and turns to acid, and the entire mass of food begins to spoil and produces gas and bloat.

Dr. Herbert Shelton, who did research on this subject, says all fruits become alkaline in our body when we eat them on an empty stomach. He claims that if we have mastered the correct way to eat fruits, we have the secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness, and normal weight.

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Ken Youngberg, Ken Youngberg Therapeutic Bodyworks, is a nationally certified therapeutic bodyworker offering a variety of clinical treatment modalities combining body/mind systems designed to relieve and eliminate acute and chronic soft tissue pain and tension from stress. His conservative approach effectively resolves dysfunctional patterns, and restores postural balance, resulting in a positive outcome for his clients--pain free status as quickly as possible.

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