Why I do Therapeutic Bodywork

Assessment for Hip Extension

Assessment for Hip Extension

Lengthening Supraspinatus

Lengthening Supraspinatus

Arthrokinetics Decompression

Arthrokinetics Decompression

During my early massage & bodywork training and subsequent certification in Deep tissue Sports Massage, I was blessed to participate in several dramatic healing experiences that called me to my career as a therapeutic bodyworker.

 In one instance, a technique that I had learned in class the night before allowed me to relieve a client’s debilitating low back pain. I remember how excited I was that night telling my wife about the young woman who could barely walk into my room because of her severe low back pain, and after an hour on my table, applying the technique I just learned the night before, skipped out pain free.

Another client presented the same week with severe neck pain, his rotation limited to less than 50 percent of its normal range of motion. After only a half hour of applying basic muscle relaxation strokes I had recently learned in massage school, he was pain free and his neck rotation was restored to 100 percent.

 Those eye-opening experiences convinced me of the power of touch and inspired me to pursue advanced bodywork training specializing in relieving and eliminating acute and chronic soft-tissue pain.  I was hooked on the work and found my niche..

 After that my mission statement was clarified—to help my clients become symptom free as quickly as possible. Treatments were tailored to address each client’s specific condition, using the most effective and expeditious techniques for each individual case.

 My clients usually fall into three general categories:

Forty per-cent experience significant relief and become symptom free after 1-5 treatments; many return again for an occasional tune-up.

 Fifty-five per-cent experience obvious, but only partial relief after the first session, but intuitively know they are doing the right thing for themselves; Most of them continue with a commitment to complete the process and realize a positive outcome.

 Five per-cent who get only marginal or no relief; I suggest they visit their physician for an exam to rule out any pathology, or I refer them to other practitioners and modalities that will hopefully help them.

 Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork is still one of the most underrated types of health care on the market today. Its proven effectiveness for a variety of maladies is still unknown to many, and I’m still excited as I was seventeen years ago to introduce the power of touch to my new clients.

Nothing is more essential to lasting positive change than self-awareness; it is the prerequisite for self-control. Bodywork is a direct and effective way to increase this awareness within an individual.  Deane Juhan,  A Handbook for Bodywork -Job’s Body –

 Hands on bodywork is the most mysterious and powerful of all human interactions-touch.  Dr. Ken Dychtwald

Touching the Spirit

All of my clients come to me for relief from physical symptoms. I always treat the cause instead of the symptoms, and have learned that the most successful client outcomes are achieved by being a conduit between the healing Source and my client. By linking emotionally and spiritually, sessions becomes more than a treatment or administered set of specific bodywork techniques. A connected practitioner’s heightened state of awareness opens their perception and intuition, and oftentimes leads to a deep therapeutic effect. 

 Massage therapists were asked in a survey, “Does spirituality have a place in massage therapy?

Yes, when I work with clients, my intention is to help them in whatever way is most beneficial to their healing and well-being. That intention is based on spiritual guidance or direction for doing what that person needs. When I do this, the massage is more on target for achieving optimal results for the client.  Cindy, Berea, OH

 I use my spirituality to center myself and ask for healing energy and for guidance before every session.  Garth, La Quinta, CA

 We can believe that healing abilities come from anywhere—universal life force, God, Buddha…as long as it works for the client.  RW, Omaha, NE

I was surprised that so many therapist’s answer to the question would be similar to mine.  My overall positive experiences as a bodyworker makes it easy for me to believe that when I am connected to the Universal Energy Source, Higher Power, Spirit of the Universe, God, Great Spirit, etc., whatever you care to call it,  client’s results are always more effective and dramatic than if I am not connected. So, before every session I ask to be centered and serve as a conduit for God’s healing power.

 This centering is key during spiritual retreats. A Franciscan sister, who used to direct spiritual retreats in upstate New York, believes that easing the tension and relaxing retreatants, physically quiets them down at every level and puts them in a really good place for prayer.

 According to a priest who has directed retreats and administered massage at a Jesuit Renewal Center, moving out of a state of distraction and into a prayerful place is a matter of finding balance between the mind and body by using the most spiritual of our senses—touch.

 A growing number of clergy have discovered the direct link between massage/bodywork and spirituality,  and are using it for healing psychic damage, and promoting integration of mind, body, & spirit,.

 The late Jesuit, Teihard de Chardin, said, Nothing here below is profane for those who know how to see. On the contrary, everything is sacred…including the body. Through it we can experience how sacred physicality is and how spiritual conscious touch can be.

 Albert Schtatz, former Professor Emeritus of Education at Temple University, with Karen Carlson integrated spiritual healing and massage, calling the integrated modality, Holistic Massage.  On an application form designed for incoming students, Schatz asked, why do you want to study massage? I was amazed because two-thirds of the students indicated their interest in massage was spiritual. He was also impressed with the number of massage therapists he met who were ordained ministers, interestingly enough; most were ordained after becoming massage therapists, not before.

 Regardless of where, or how, or if spirituality is incorporated into massage & bodywork, it is interesting to note the significance of its growing acceptance in the medical field, as well as the waning of connecting spirituality and health care as charlatanism. Massage & Bodywork magazine

 I’m grateful that I did, somehow through experience, unconsciously connect my bodywork with spirituality because it is the major component, in addition to all the professional training, I can attribute to my success as a therapist who gets results. Today, I can say without a doubt that my greatest source of strength comes from my dependence on the Spirit of the Universe.


Corporate Chair Massage and Your Bottom Line

How much is job stress costing your company?

Are You Concerned About How STRESS Affects Your Employees—and Your Bottom Line?

on site chair massage by Ken Youngberg

Chair Massage in the workplace is a cost-effective solution for boosting employee productivity. Its an easy way to relieve stress and prevent repetitive use injuries that can lead to extreme pain, muscle weakness, and absenteeism.

I bring my comfortable portable chair to your workplace and give 10-15 minute sessions to help relieve muscle tension and the pain it causes. A ten minute session will calm your nervous system, lower your blood pressure, increase your circulation, and make you happier, which boosts your energy and alertness. Employees receiving chair massage learn to identify and release tension on their own before it becomes a problem! Companies are using On-Site Chair Massage to improve workforce morale and loyalty by demonstrating how much they care about their employees, and also boosting their productivity and bottom line.

onsite chair massage by Ken YoungbergBenefits of On-Site Chair Massage

  • Relieves tension from stress
  • Improves employee morale
  • Boosts employee effectiveness
  • Lowers health care costs
  • Lowers worker’s comp claims

Chair massage recipients feel soothed, re-energized, and grateful for your acknowledgement.

Call (952) 807-2948 to learn more! or visit Onsite Chair Massage Services.

What People Are Saying…

Studies at the Institute of Touch have been documented that confirm massage/bodywork triggers the relaxation response, taking our bodies off the alert mode and sets into motion the activities needed to restore our physical healing resources.

“Ken’s chair massage sessions are a valuable benefit to the employees and to our company. We’re not only helping decrease work comp costs and health care costs, it also helps to retain employees. We want to keep people and a good way to do that is to motivate them and show them we care.” – Cathy D., Benefits Coordinator

Ken's Therapeutic Bodyworks Tailored To Your Specific Needs

Onsite Chair Massage Services by Ken Youngberg

About Ken Youngberg

Bodywork Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Ken Youngberg, a nationally certified massage therapist and bodyworker, has been treating acute and chronic pain clients for 17 years in the Metro area.

Most of us could use an occasional break from our hectic lives. We live in stressful environments that demand more of our time, adding to our personal stress and its detrimental physiological health consequences. I am totally committed to helping my clients decrease and eliminate their levels of body tension from stress, and to live pain free lives. It is possible to start enjoying a normal active life again and it starts with an On-Site Chair massage and education on self-care. Allow me to help you improve your employees’ enthusiasm for their job and increase productivity.

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